Discover all the exclusive Visiolite® LED strips like the Vibrance™ strip - an "anti-RGB" strip with native color wavelengths that sit in between the standard RGB colors. The Sunset Strip™ a tunable white LED Strip with a color temperature range of 2160K to 5000K. Twilight Strip™ - the worlds First 4 channel Tunable White LED Strip with a color temperature range from 1000-3200K. And the Royal High™ strip - a next generation twist of the classic RGB WW CW LED strip with a royal blue wavelength for its RGB color mixing.


 = = 5 Channel  —  Number of channels.

 High Density  —  Density: standard LED strips are 12W/meter, while premium LED strips are 19W/meter.

 48 VDC 24/48 VDC  —  Voltage: 24V DC, 48V DC or support for both 24V and 48V.

IP67 Outdoor IP20 Indoor  —  Outdoor (IP67) or Indoor (IP20).

 —  Separate +/- terminals for each channel for POE applications


Visiolite LED strips are designed for the prosumer market with the highest quality component selection. All Visiolite white LED strips boost color rendering index (CRI) above 95 and have a 2 Macadams Ellipses binning for perfect color consistency and longevity. All colored strips feature RGB and White in a single chip to avoid hot spots and uneven spread or fractured shadows. Visiolite strips are 24V or 48V for the best light output. We carry a number of exclusive LED strips such as Vibrance™, Twilight™, Sunset Strip™ and Royal High™ for specialised applications.


Visiolite Color Gamut