About Us

Visiolite - A pioneering force in the lighting industry since 1999. 

Visiolite began its journey in Copenhagen serving the entertainment and lighting production sector. Our clients in Denmark included iconic names such as Roskilde Festival, SeeLite, the Royal Theater of Copenhagen, Eurovision Song Contest, and Tivoli, along with numerous renowned Nordic bands including Aqua and Safri Duo.

In 2005, Visiolite relocated to California, where it continued to provide production services and custom-made solutions for the entertainment industry. The transformative year of 2021 marked a significant evolution for Visiolite. Co-founders Karl Jonsson, Arman Bastani, and Christian Vandendorpe redefined Visiolite’s focus, specializing in custom LED chips and LED strips designed for artists, lighting designers, entertainment, and high-end residential projects.

As part of our commitment to innovation, Visiolite became an authorized distributor for Finland-based Casambi wireless control systems in 2021. That same year, we launched our first exclusive Casambi product, the X-Pack. This revolutionary product addressed aesthetic challenges in adopting Casambi in the US, allowing interior and lighting designers to integrate any toggle or momentary wall controller into the Casambi ecosystem seamlessly.

Our relentless pursuit of innovation continues with several pending patents in LED and Casambi technologies. Our vision is to expand into sustainable DC-powered system offerings that integrate with leading smart home platforms for high-end residential projects, as well as DMX and ArtNet platforms for the entertainment industry. 

In 2023, we proudly introduced our first addressable strip as part of Gilead's Discovery Path project and are currently developing several addressable LED strips with features never seen before as part of our new X-Pix series. At Visiolite, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of lighting technology, ensuring our clients always receive the highest quality and most innovative solutions available.

Join us in illuminating the future with creativity, technology, and sustainability.

Founders Bio

Karl Jonsson

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Karl Jonsson, founder of Visiolite, began his career in the entertainment lighting industry in Reykjavik, Iceland, in 1994. He transitioned to software development with Copenhagen-based KiSS Technologies, where he developed the KiSS Markup Language (KML) for the world's first media streamers. After KiSS was acquired by Cisco in 2005, Karl moved to California. In 2009, he co-founded GreenWave Systems, pioneering the first wireless LED light bulb. Karl joined Tridonic in 2014, leading their IoT solutions, and co-founded the IoT Ready Alliance. By 2019, he was leading IoT product management at Belkin and founded SotSpor LLC, later acquired by LUUM.iO. Karl has influenced major industry standards and holds over 70 patents globally. He continues to drive Visiolite’s success with innovative and sustainable lighting solutions.

Arman Bastani

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Arman Bastani co-founded Visiolite in 2021, bringing a wealth of experience in technology and engineering. As the founder of Oval Integration, Arman specialized in integrating software, electrical, and mechanical design elements from prototype to production. His extensive background includes developing advanced lighting technologies and sustainable solutions. At Visiolite, Arman has been pivotal in developing custom LED products and wireless control systems. His expertise ensures that Visiolite remains at the forefront of the industry, offering cutting-edge and efficient lighting solutions for various applications.

Christian Vandendorpe

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Christian Vandendorpe joined Visiolite as a co-founder in 2021, leveraging his extensive experience in marketing and strategic business development. He began his career by developing and selling the TinyStock app for BlackBerry, one of the first apps allowing real-time monitoring of the stock markets on mobile devices. Christian's background also includes working on the KiSS Markup Language (KML) for KiSS Technologies' media streamers. At Visiolite, he played a crucial role in launching innovative products like the X-Pack, which integrates seamlessly with Casambi's wireless control systems. His strategic vision and marketing expertise have been essential in positioning Visiolite as a leader in the lighting industry, driving growth and expanding its global reach.

Christian is based in Amsterdam and leads Visiolite’s European operations. 



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