Cancer Ribbon / Gilead Discovery Path

Project: Cancer Ribbon -

Cancer Ribbon / Gilead Discovery Path

Project: Cancer Ribbon / Gilead Discovery Path
Light Artist / Designer: Wes Lane, Evolve Lighting Design
Visiolite Products Used: Visiolite X-Pix Classic

A Masterpiece of Light and Design

Designed by Wes Lane of Evolve Lighting Design in Austin, Texas, the Gilead Discovery Path features cutting-edge lighting technology that brings the Cancer Ribbon to life. Wes utilized Visiolite X-Pix Classic, Addressable LED strips from Visiolite controlled by LEC3 and Madrix pixel mapping software to achieve a stunning, interactive light display. As an animated installation, it not only serves as a public seating area but also transforms into a dynamic display of colors and patterns, symbolizing the various cancer awareness ribbons and their associated causes.

Experience the Gilead Discovery Path in Foster City, CA

Gilead Discovery Path presents an innovative fusion of art and function with its animated Cancer Ribbon art piece that doubles as a park bench. This remarkable installation, located in Foster City, California, is more than just a visual treat; it's a beacon of hope and resilience in the fight against cancer.

An Interactive Tribute

The Discovery Path is a testament to Gilead Sciences' commitment to innovation and community support. This project not only enhances the aesthetic of Foster City but also provides a reflective space for visitors to engage with the message of cancer awareness and hope. The use of advanced lighting techniques and the integration of art with functionality make this installation a standout piece.

Celebrating Hope and Resilience

Visit the Gilead Discovery Path and witness the blend of art, technology, and community spirit. This installation is a powerful reminder of the continuous efforts in the fight against cancer and the importance of awareness and support. Location